Sunday, April 19, 2009

SF 2 LA 2 SF DAY 1...

Day 1 of my trip from SF to LA. Just to fill you in, in case you did not know the reason or one of the reason for this trip, was to see my great friend, Dave and his family in LA . It was a surprise for him and I had worked it out in advance with his wife Maria. Well after a nice steam bath the night before with my friend Barry, woke up early, walked the Dude (the dog) and was ready for the road,"where the HELL are my keys", after looking around, I used the spare. (nice joke ) you know who. Got on the road and wanted to stop in Santa Cruz and see the Cavlan family and there new son...Congrats.
After that it was one the 1 down the coast, one of the most beautiful rides ever,except one thing.
40 to 60 MPH winds, WOW did I need to fight the to keep the bike on the rode, changing lanes without wanting to is scary. I pushed on and at one point at a traffic light the winds were so strong I thought I was going to drop the bike. After many hours & a long day I got to my camp site. Camp Rufugio just north of Santa Barbara, after the hard day I had I was ready to to to SB and get a hotel room with a shower and bed, but went though the camp site to check it out. There I found Paul, Beverly & kelly, who invited me to make camp with them. They turned out to be the nicest people ever, real salt of the earth . They feed me and her brother, who's handle I can not recall or maybe with his magic he took my memory away from me gave us GREAT magic with card tricks along with Beverly's really good cake ..... WOW how does he do that with the cards, and guess what my keys apeered in my case lock after that ??? Thanks guys for taking care of me. After that, good nite. And the only thing that took away from the sound of the waves was "jonny car alarm" at 2 am.
Cheers PB


  1. Did you name your dog after The Big Lebowski or you just have an affinity for the dude?

  2. By the way I would love to bike along 1. thats my next goal.

  3. ...nice joke about the key thing. I like to know whow did it?? LoL