Tuesday, April 21, 2009

SF 2 LA 2 SF DAY 2...

Our old house in LA

An A+ for any one who can spell this backwards. Pass it on to others PB

My best friend and life saver David

Woke up, took a nice walk on the beach etc. Said bye to my new made friends and headed for LA.
Stopped in to Santa Barbara for a coffee and back on the road. As you know I was riding down to see my friend David in LA and wanted to surprise him, so when I got to his house I called him on his cel phone then went to his door and rang the bell, "PB hold on someone is at my door" yes it was me, wish I had a camera. After we chewed the fat for a while, he had to work, so I went down to see his new book store. After that I went to check out our old house in LA and see the sites.
( FYI LA and motorcycles don't mix, and still alive....just). On the way back got a call from my old friend that I knew when I worked at Playboy and we were able to catch up and I am soooo happy she is moving back to Nor Cal. Also while I was there I meet a nice guy Peter R, who asked me about BMW and we talked for a while (keep in contact PR).
Went back to the book store and then to David and Maria, Maria made us a killer meal, our friend Bubby came over and we watched baseball.( Bubby buy the Harley). Off to sleep after another busy day.
Cheers PB

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