Monday, June 29, 2009

55 mph WTF...

Shopping with Barry... NO Comment
Miss you Tim
Did not go here

Who needs paper and there is laws here?

Thanks Mrs D, I did gain pounds with your good cooking, it's not all about Barry

Thanks Mr D, and I have my eye open for the tractor
Who is the best uncle ever

OK people, I had fun in PA and Eagles Mere is maybe one of the nicest places I have been (al except the toilet laws, you can put a potty anywhere). But my true issue with PA, and yes the booze laws are really screwed up we all know that. But who ever made up the speed limit in PA must have paralysis of the right side of there body. WTF 55 mph, you can dodge the bugs hitting your helmet at that speed (great for the bugs). Back to the start, so camped on Lake Erie, got up and took the Hwy 6, what a great rode and beautiful roads and towns. Tree everywhere and nice people. DEER, that is another story, just keep your eyes open people
And what is up with that, a state holiday for the first day of deer hunting ???&(*^*&%#@@#%^$&*^*%%$#$#$@%$#^
Want to keep in short and sweet, after a long days riding, was meet my captain corn chip friend Barry and we went to his folks home in Eaglesmere (which means you can see eagle there) I did not. Meet his brother and great family. I was really treated like royality. HOW DID THEY KNOW I WAS ?. Except I had to give up my bed the first night to Tim. Could not have asked for a nicer more fun breack and people. Yes even the people at the Barn were nice.
Thanks to all and hope to come back (if you will have me)
Cheers PB

Thanks Pennsylvania for putting this sign up for me !!!
I did ask to keep it low key for me.

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