Monday, June 22, 2009


"the good life" REALLY

At least someone has a sense of humor in Nebraska

Unlike Coptar AKA Utar you have to wear a lid

Found the 80

Ok people, there is not going to be many photos on this post and the words are going to be straight to the point. Why it is BUTT BURNER day. Yes 1000 miles in one day.
Woke up at 4am and packed up, got a nice wake up call up my witness John. No rain it sight. Took off at 5.10 am up highway 25 north to Wyoming,turned right on Hwy 26 back though Wyoming down toward Nebraska on the 385, It was flat, windy and no one around. I got lost in Nebraska for 2 hours. All the roads look the same and there is no point of reference. Also it was overcast so I could not use the sun to find my way. Finally with a little help found the I 80. It was so windy, my neck was taking a beating. I did discover that the place I could rest while riding was when there was trees on the side if the freeway. Note to farmers plant more trees along the edge of your properties please. About half way though Nebraska it started...rain. Off the bike and on with the wet weather clothes. The rain was hard, heavy and from the side at 45 degrees. After hours of riding in the rain with the HUGH spray from the trucks rain started getting into my clothes. I could feel the little runs of water just finding there way into my boots and up my sleeves. So at this point I was cool and wet, it was also getting dark. At this point I was leaving Nebraska and I was happy, again sorry Mr Warren Buffett put I was happy to see the end of Nebraska. From my point of view you can put Nebraska right where it fits and keep it there. And just incase you follow my blog or someone passes it on to you. I know home is where the heart is but with, but Warren with all your money why do you still want to live in Nebraska. So here I come Iowa, still raining and windy. Again flat, it was was really late now and the rain had really slowed me down. I just burned through Iowa as fast as I could. Just as I got in to Illinois I called my freind in Chicago and he told me I still had 4 plus hours to go before I got to him. It was now 1am the next day and still raining heavy. About 350 miles out of Chicago people were flashing there light at me and as I went under a bridge and thought WOW that bridge is bright,then it hit me my head light was facing straight up in the air. So I sat on the side of the freeway in the rain for a hour trying to fix it with the big trucks flying pass me and throwing up lots of spray. Could not really fix, so just pushed on. Then as if things could not get cazier about 200 miles out of Chicago I heard this cracking noise in my ear. Yes I was very sleepy and fatigued,but I knew I was not crazy and just a that point the visor on my helmet snapped off. I was able to grap it and pull over. I sent another 30 minutes on the side of the freeway trying to fix it. No luck. So back on the road and everytime a truck went by (and at 3am in the morning those truck haul ass) I pulled over and slowed down to get away from the spray of rain. 200 miles in the rain ,no face mask. Finally got into Chicago, the last 120 miles were hell. You what they say, what does not kill you, makes you stronger. At 4.30 am Gene was nice enough to meet me down on the street. I puuled the bike up into his parking spot and while I was doing this it got away from me and I dropped it. I was done !!!

Denver to Chicago (the long way) 1300 miles in 23 hours. Only stopping for Gas and Peepee

Cheers PB


  1. Holy saddle sores, Peter, you're a maniac! Great story--what a day +. Enjoy the adventure and stay awake,

  2. Riccardo, thanks, it was a big day and I think I grew some extra man parts for doing it

  3. Yikes... 1000 miles in 1 day.... but what sights you'll have seen!!

  4. 1300miles in 23 non stop in the rain BABY
    No I am not crazy...well maybe a little