Friday, June 26, 2009

NY 2 SF Day 7

My Indians

Lake Eric sunset


New friend

After being well rested and being taken care of by G & G in Chicago. PS the view from the John Hancock penthouse is worth it and thanks for the drinks G. Back on the road or as Willy says, on the road again... Complete with a hug from G and a great coffee from G on the 92 out of Chicago, through IL into Indiana ( sorry ...boring) into Ohio. Yes home of my team Cleveland Indians..
Got to Toledo on the 80/90 the roads were boring and a RIP OFF as you need to fuel at the gas station on the toll roads... WTF.
After going through Toledo (and let me know why this town is famous, outside of MASH and you get a prize) I got off the maim road and went on the 6 to Sandusty up lake Erie to Cleveland. And there was a game on, did a lap of the the park and then on to the 80 up to Erie. Really wanted to camp but had a had time finding anywhere when I bumped into Sara's right on Lake Erie, got the tent out, sent it up, went to get dinner etc and came back...RAIN. WTF. thankfully it stopped and I had a good nights sleep on the beach of Lake Erie. I wanted to wake up in the morning looking out over the lake but when I woke up during the night, someone had set the tent up in front of mine.???
Cheers PB


  1. you were in my old area! Ahhh, the mid-west.... s

  2. LOL.. not nice of them to block your view onto the lake! But it makes for funny reading :)

  3. Gerda, your right it does make for good reading
    Thanks for following and please pass on