Saturday, July 11, 2009

SF 2 NY Day 9 Last days...

Check out the price of Gas AKA petrol
The Susan B. Anthony house ... you all know who she was right !!!
Out side the Eastman 'Kodak' house in Rochester NY

Camping on the Lake

By by baby.Have a safe trip home and thanks for taking care of me
OK people,my story is coming to an end. After leaving Barry I rode through the finger lakes of NY and camped on Lake Ontario which was beautiful. Made it into Rochester and meet up with my friend Butch and his riding buddies at there local coffee shop. Went and saw Butch's dad in hospital, after a stupid car driver crashed into him on his motorcycle. Took a quick trip up to Buffalo and stayed the night. And on my next days hit the Eastman house and the Susan B. Anthony house (worth seeing). Them packed up the bike and off to the air port. Actually got to the airport a day early (dummy me) and was able to get on a flight, but it messed up all my plans which was to land in SF 3 hours before my oldest girl landed at SFO getting back from Paris.
Over all a great trip. Some highs and lows, and you know those. My next blog entry will be the best and worst of the trip. Check it out!.
Cheers PB

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