Monday, January 11, 2010

Hwy 130 here we come

Bono on a bike looking for fire wood

lick observatory

lick observatory telescope

frank raines park

Hwy 130

Even though it was January and cold, Coz and myself went down Hwy 101 and after 23 stops for supplies we got on the 130. After some fun roads and climbing up to 4200 feet we stopped at the Lick Observatory (a must see) . Then back down the mountain to our campsite Frank Raines Park.
It was getting late and cold, so got the fire and wine going. What a cold night. After 2 nights and 38 visits by the ranger and not one of them talking to us we headed home only to be hit by rain and subway. Fun trip, missed Jess. Next time. Hope you enjoy the photos
Cheers Peter Bruce Photo & Video