Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tahoe national forest trip near Downieville by Peter Bruce photo

This is what keeps you Sane

Bath time

Women have been telling us this for ever
Jonny Dakkar

Good swimming

Good fire is something to Love
Happy trails
great swimming hole

Please enjoy some of the photos we took on our last trip up Hwy 49 though Tahoe national forest near Downieville, CA. In the gold country.
Cheers Peter Bruce Photo

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How to remove a helmet safely Charlie is dead now.

This is a sad story. But please read and pass on to others...
Many years ago a friend of mine who is now dead was in a motorcycle crash. (Not his fault). His name was Charlie. Just after the crash some well meaning people came to help him,the first thing they did was take off his helmet.

Big mistake
they did not know what they were doing or more importantly how to remove a helmet safely.

By taking off his helmet, Charlie was in a wheel chair for the rest of his life as a quadriplegic.
Taking off the helmet the wrong way messed up his spine.
The doctors said if the well meaning people had have left his helmet on for paramedics and just put his arms down by his side he may have walked again or maybe lost the use of his legs and been paraplegic but not a quadriplegic.

Many year later I decided to come up with a decal for peoples helmets (see above) that would warn people to leave a downed riders helmet on for paramedics or people who know how to remove it safely.

You may buy one of these for yourself or friends who rides and the money will go to Unicef.

E mail your(or the person you want it for) name and address and I will send you one.Cost $5 and as I said the money will go to Unicef. Your info will be safe and not given to anyone else

Also most important please take 3 minutes out of your busy life to view this video on how to remove a helmet safely.Hope you don't, but you may come across another Charlie one day.


Hope this helps and please pass this on to others to view
Cheers Peter Bruce