Thursday, April 23, 2009

SF 2 LA 2 SF DAY 4...

Well day 4 and sadly time to go go. Nattie is coming with me on his Harley bike (joke). Thanks to David, Maria and everyone for a great trip. And next time I am down there I will catch up with Paul and Z man.

The trip home was nice, left LA at 9.12 and go to SF at 4.12 with two stops one for fuel and stayed on the bike and one for fuel and lunch in Green field. Dam it I need a RID unit.

Thanks for following...

Cheers PB

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

SF 2 LA 2 SF DAY 3...

7.01 am ... coffee, had a nice snack from Maria(thanks) then went for a ride over Topanga Canyon to the PCH down to Malibu and along the cost to Santa Monica. Then back up Sunset Blvd to the traffic from HELL on the 101 Freeway. Why do they call them freeways, your not free to go anywhere???
When I got back Maria had her other 2 kids nice door (cute twins) come over and we sat on the bike and played. David and Maria went out for dinner so Nattie and myself stay home,chilled and watched movies. Off to bed and ready to ride home the next day.
Cheers PB

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

SF 2 LA 2 SF DAY 2...

Our old house in LA

An A+ for any one who can spell this backwards. Pass it on to others PB

My best friend and life saver David

Woke up, took a nice walk on the beach etc. Said bye to my new made friends and headed for LA.
Stopped in to Santa Barbara for a coffee and back on the road. As you know I was riding down to see my friend David in LA and wanted to surprise him, so when I got to his house I called him on his cel phone then went to his door and rang the bell, "PB hold on someone is at my door" yes it was me, wish I had a camera. After we chewed the fat for a while, he had to work, so I went down to see his new book store. After that I went to check out our old house in LA and see the sites.
( FYI LA and motorcycles don't mix, and still alive....just). On the way back got a call from my old friend that I knew when I worked at Playboy and we were able to catch up and I am soooo happy she is moving back to Nor Cal. Also while I was there I meet a nice guy Peter R, who asked me about BMW and we talked for a while (keep in contact PR).
Went back to the book store and then to David and Maria, Maria made us a killer meal, our friend Bubby came over and we watched baseball.( Bubby buy the Harley). Off to sleep after another busy day.
Cheers PB

Sunday, April 19, 2009

SF 2 LA 2 SF DAY 1...

Day 1 of my trip from SF to LA. Just to fill you in, in case you did not know the reason or one of the reason for this trip, was to see my great friend, Dave and his family in LA . It was a surprise for him and I had worked it out in advance with his wife Maria. Well after a nice steam bath the night before with my friend Barry, woke up early, walked the Dude (the dog) and was ready for the road,"where the HELL are my keys", after looking around, I used the spare. (nice joke ) you know who. Got on the road and wanted to stop in Santa Cruz and see the Cavlan family and there new son...Congrats.
After that it was one the 1 down the coast, one of the most beautiful rides ever,except one thing.
40 to 60 MPH winds, WOW did I need to fight the to keep the bike on the rode, changing lanes without wanting to is scary. I pushed on and at one point at a traffic light the winds were so strong I thought I was going to drop the bike. After many hours & a long day I got to my camp site. Camp Rufugio just north of Santa Barbara, after the hard day I had I was ready to to to SB and get a hotel room with a shower and bed, but went though the camp site to check it out. There I found Paul, Beverly & kelly, who invited me to make camp with them. They turned out to be the nicest people ever, real salt of the earth . They feed me and her brother, who's handle I can not recall or maybe with his magic he took my memory away from me gave us GREAT magic with card tricks along with Beverly's really good cake ..... WOW how does he do that with the cards, and guess what my keys apeered in my case lock after that ??? Thanks guys for taking care of me. After that, good nite. And the only thing that took away from the sound of the waves was "jonny car alarm" at 2 am.
Cheers PB

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The girl got new shoes...

Out with old with the new
Hired help...sure. where is the Rum & cola man

The work shop

Me all man
Don't blow a fuse

Ok guys, it was a productive day for some (not the photo of my help with his feet up) and a little sad. When I got my bike it was the manly man bike with big Knobbie tires (for those of you that are nice enough to follow my blog, but are not motorcycle people, knobbie tires not for the dirt not road). And I know what you others are thinking and I agree 95 percent of all the roads in the world are dirt. True, but most of my riding in on the road,so the knobbies are worn out they have to go. Therefore my bike looses it's manly status. Here are some photos from the tire change, and with thanks from my friend and wrencher Barry, we got it done. Trust me no moto GP teams are picking us up for pit crew, but in our own style the job was done. Also with a little help from UP DOWN LONG WAY AROUND'S on staff photographer,Christian.
Now out for a test ride.

Enjoy the photos and please give me feed back on both the story and changing tires
Cheers PB