Saturday, April 4, 2009

The girl got new shoes...

Out with old with the new
Hired help...sure. where is the Rum & cola man

The work shop

Me all man
Don't blow a fuse

Ok guys, it was a productive day for some (not the photo of my help with his feet up) and a little sad. When I got my bike it was the manly man bike with big Knobbie tires (for those of you that are nice enough to follow my blog, but are not motorcycle people, knobbie tires not for the dirt not road). And I know what you others are thinking and I agree 95 percent of all the roads in the world are dirt. True, but most of my riding in on the road,so the knobbies are worn out they have to go. Therefore my bike looses it's manly status. Here are some photos from the tire change, and with thanks from my friend and wrencher Barry, we got it done. Trust me no moto GP teams are picking us up for pit crew, but in our own style the job was done. Also with a little help from UP DOWN LONG WAY AROUND'S on staff photographer,Christian.
Now out for a test ride.

Enjoy the photos and please give me feed back on both the story and changing tires
Cheers PB


  1. You guys did this during the weekend? No wonder in New Zealand, they say a bloke does more work on the weekend than the 5 days of the week.

    Cool bike.