Sunday, July 19, 2009

SF 2 NY Best and worst...

OK people, here we go the best and worst of the trip, along with some other stats...

Total miles... 5200 SF to NY... Updownlongwayaround style
Longest day... 1300 miles in 23 hours... Iron butt day (half in the rain)
Trucks past ...162
Gallons of fuel... 173
Speeding fine ...1 (utah $182 or coptar as I like to call it)
Slowest speed limit... Pennsylvania
Fastest speed limit...Nevada
Most police... Utah
Less police... Eagles Mere PA (none)
Days in the rain... 6
Highest Att ... 11312 feet
Lowest Att...320 feet
Best subway sandwich... Rochester NY
Best sunset... Lake Erie NY
Flatest state ... Nebraska
Hillest state... Colorado
Best roads... Utah
Worst roads... New York
Best food... Jersey
Cheapest Gas... Iowa
Highest Gas cost ... California
Most neons lights ... Las Vegas
Nicest people... Pennsylvania
Worst drivers... New York
Best drivers... California
Coldest state...Colorado
Hottest state...Nevada
Crashes...1 ( at Genes house in Chicago)
Bugs on helmet...9423
Best camping ...Utah
Worst camping...Rochester
Saddle sores...not telling
Biggest regret... Not meeting Warren Buffett (joke)
Total cost...???

So I hope you enjoyed the travels with me. Thanks to my sponsers of the iron butt awards and my family and friends for the support. Please keep following as hopefully there will be more trips
Cheers PB

Saturday, July 11, 2009

SF 2 NY Day 9 Last days...

Check out the price of Gas AKA petrol
The Susan B. Anthony house ... you all know who she was right !!!
Out side the Eastman 'Kodak' house in Rochester NY

Camping on the Lake

By by baby.Have a safe trip home and thanks for taking care of me
OK people,my story is coming to an end. After leaving Barry I rode through the finger lakes of NY and camped on Lake Ontario which was beautiful. Made it into Rochester and meet up with my friend Butch and his riding buddies at there local coffee shop. Went and saw Butch's dad in hospital, after a stupid car driver crashed into him on his motorcycle. Took a quick trip up to Buffalo and stayed the night. And on my next days hit the Eastman house and the Susan B. Anthony house (worth seeing). Them packed up the bike and off to the air port. Actually got to the airport a day early (dummy me) and was able to get on a flight, but it messed up all my plans which was to land in SF 3 hours before my oldest girl landed at SFO getting back from Paris.
Over all a great trip. Some highs and lows, and you know those. My next blog entry will be the best and worst of the trip. Check it out!.
Cheers PB

Friday, July 3, 2009

SF 2 NY Day 8 off to NY

Help me MON & DAD this crazy man has kidnapped me

The big Apple I made it, now off north to Buffalo

Best chocolate next to Sees
Man so nice of these states to keep putting these welcome signs up for me
Alright, I can't stay in Eagle mere for ever. As much as it would be nice. Also just broke my little (5 staples) finger, so typing is hard for me at the best of times so this story will be short. Barry and I took off the NJ, only to find my old friend again...RAIN. Yep we rode most of the way in the rain. We were able to stay at his friends home and with mintues were eating the BEST mozzarella I have ever had. After a good nights sleep it was clear sky's and off to NY. A big day of riding and at the 14 Barry and I seperated , he when back to the Mere of Eagles and I went on the 14 up though the Finger lake of NY. What I nice ride.
Cheers PB

The best Mozzarella ever/anywhere found in Hoboken

GARDENS, I did see any