Friday, July 3, 2009

SF 2 NY Day 8 off to NY

Help me MON & DAD this crazy man has kidnapped me

The big Apple I made it, now off north to Buffalo

Best chocolate next to Sees
Man so nice of these states to keep putting these welcome signs up for me
Alright, I can't stay in Eagle mere for ever. As much as it would be nice. Also just broke my little (5 staples) finger, so typing is hard for me at the best of times so this story will be short. Barry and I took off the NJ, only to find my old friend again...RAIN. Yep we rode most of the way in the rain. We were able to stay at his friends home and with mintues were eating the BEST mozzarella I have ever had. After a good nights sleep it was clear sky's and off to NY. A big day of riding and at the 14 Barry and I seperated , he when back to the Mere of Eagles and I went on the 14 up though the Finger lake of NY. What I nice ride.
Cheers PB

The best Mozzarella ever/anywhere found in Hoboken

GARDENS, I did see any


  1. Great job and photos. Next time drive out to the end of L.I. to Montauk or Greenport. The beaches here are amazing, and there is a lot of wildlife to see, fantastic trees, great surf and people watching. Glad that your dream came true.

  2. Sure will try next time, still had to make it to Buffalo and Rochester and ship the bike
    Thanks for following. I was thinking about my next trip when i can get some money.
    20 states in 20 days

  3. Congratulations... you made it all the way! As my best man said, NJ is the garden state because the whole state looks like a garden.