Monday, October 5, 2009

Some may call it a Lake Pillsbury... I just call it a hole with no water

My camp site

There is meant to be water where I am standing

Wow the water was low

Home sweet home

Man must have fire

Some may call it a Lake Pillsbury... I just call it a hole with no water

It was nice to get away for a few days though

Lake Pillsbury is an artificial lake in Northern California created from the waters impounded from the El River. Elevation is 1,818 ft (554 m) with 65 mi (105 km) of shoreline and covering 2,003 acres (811 ha). Activities in the Lake Pillsbury Recreation Area include powerboating, fishing, swimming, sailing, picnicking, hiking and hang gliding. There are two main access roads to the lake. At the north end of the lake is a small gravel airstrip.

In 1906, W.W. Van Arsdale formed the Eel River Power and Irrigation Company and contracted with the city of Ukiah for a hydroelectric generating station to increase electricity supply for the city. A diversion dam was built on the Eel River and a mile-long tunnel was constructed to divert water into the Russian River. A powerhouse was constructed in Potter Valley. It was called the Eel River Project.

Later that year, the Snow Mountain Water and Power Company incorporated and took over the project from Van Arsdale's company. By 1908 water was being diverted to the power plant and then to the Russian River. Part two of the project was building the dam which created Lake Pillsbury, located 12 miles upstream. It was completed in 1922 and maintains water flow to the hydroelectric plant during times of low water runoff. PG&E acquired the project in 1933, and maintains the facilities today. The lake is named for one of the founders of Snow Mountain Water and Power Company. The Pillsbury hydroelectric plant is the only one in the north coast region of California.

The Eel River Project is now known as the Potter Valley Project.

Hope you enjoy

Cheers Peter Bruce Photo

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