Monday, November 2, 2009

I should have gone to Baja

Some call him the N___ we just know him as the naked rider
California with no water

Another great camp site
All alone
But I did make one friend

chillin,no really cold

I need fire wood

The fog was beautiful
Camp site #2
Camping on the river and saw trout
Good morning world
What you can do with a little gasoline

The GS at work

Yes this is snow

New rain gear

My poor baby out in the rain
Camping out in the hotel
Trying to dry stuff out

I stopped and talked with this guys who is walking across the USA after his Mom died of cancer
Here is his web site take a look and send him your support. PB
And George,if you get this blog...good luck
101 coast
RUFF nites sleep in this tent

Riding buddies for the day

There was talk about going to Baja for a trip,but I had a hair idea to go up the 101 and the 1 to see some friends in Seattle. Well thanks to the rain in Oregon,which I may add started 10 mins over the border. Just like turning on a light switch. So after 6 hours in the rain and wind on the coast and rain clothes that failed me. I decided to go south east as fast as possible. I picked out what looked like the best roads in Northern California and went for it. Hope you enjoyed some of the photos. Here is a list of the roads I took.

101 N - 42 W - 5 S - 199 S - 48 S -96 S - 299 E - 3 SW - 36 W - 101 S

And then back home. I saw rain,snow,sun,wind,fog also Elk,salmon and a Bear.
Sorry I missed my friends up North,we will catch up. And which one of you promised me
"NO RAIN" her name starts with L

Cheers PB

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