Sunday, January 4, 2009

SAN SIMEON TRIP ... Cool photos... met great people.

Well I was able to get away for the weekend and a friend told me San Simeon was beautiful and of course riding on Hwy 1 down near Carmel does not get much better. All packed and ready to roll Saturday morning while the kids were still sleeping. Through the city and on the 1 towards Half moon bay. Stop for gas and some photo opps along the way. Everything was great, a cool and sunny day. Made good time to Big Sur, where I helped a lady in a Benz check her tire pressure (another story) and off to take some photos. Those Sea loins are HUGH and LOUD, to say the least. Great light houses along the way, you should check them out. Pulled into the cute little corner store in San Simeon just in time as they closing , got coffee for the next morning. I was all prepared to be alone and take care of myself. Little did I know what was in stall for me. I was riding though the camp site, gave a few people the wave and saw a guy (Scott) with a BIG RV and a nice camp site. I asked him if I could share his fire and site. With 5 minutes he gave me a beer and his brother Gary came out and was helping me put up my tent. With in 30 minutes I felt like I was part of their family. After getting settled in the sun was going down and I wanted to get some nice sunset shots. Scott said he would come with me (beer in hand) a man was it worth it. Stunning sun set. After a hour or so we went back to the site and Gary and his wife had made me some KILLER burritos for me and they had every hot sauce known to man kind. Scott gave me a glass of some thing that was going to help me sleep that night and he had made a big old camp fire. We just sat around and chewed the fat and had a few drinks. After a few, Gary went off to talk to the angels and I went down to the road and layed down watching the stars. WOW you just don't see stars like that in the city. I got a little cold so back to the camp fire and Scott had turn that thing into someing from burning man. Was I lucky, just setting there with some thing warm to drink that would help me sleep in my hand and a big camp fire. Scott and and I just talked. He told me some funny stories, some of which should not go on this site, but a lot to do with drugs and time in a state prison (still I don't care the guy was nice and did his time). After he got out he moved his whole family to Missouri, for a fresh start,"best thing I ever did for me and the family". The one down side to Missouri he said was that mosquitos were hugh and they joke that they are the state bird of Missouri. ( I laughed so hard). We talked and talked more, as I said, about things that can not go on the rated G site like this. It was time to let Scotty moon shine help me sleep. It was a little could but, the only thing that woke me up was the sound of the waves and the ocean. Our camp sight was about a quater mile from the beach, but it sounded like it was on your door step. Morning time there was frost on the ground and wow when I washed my face off with the tap water, it got my system going. As i walked back to the site and Gary and he lovely wife Florina had made me breakfast and coffee. These people were the salt of the earth, they did not know me from a hole in the wall, but just took me in. Sophie, there grand kid came out and we all sat around another Scott fire for a while. Sadly all good things come to and end, so we all started packing up. I was done, ready to go and DAM IT, a flat battey. Once again Scott and Gary jumped right in to help me out. Got the bike running and off north one the 1 . Apart from rain the only thing I don't like about riding is the wind, and you can really get hit riding down the cost. Stopped off in Big Sur (what a beautiful town) to re fuel and get a drink. That is where I got the shot of the man with "enjoy your life" on the back of his shirt.
I have to take my hat off to all the great people who helped save Big Sur and the surrounding areas from the fires !. Back on the bike and after going through the lovely redwoods of Big Sur you hit the coast and that was where the wind starts hitting you. Stopped for some more photos, bumped into another BMW rider who just coming back fron Death Vally, sounded like a nice ride. I was just riding back from a great weekend away, thinking how lucky I am to have a family who let me do this, friend who support me and meeting great people like Scott, Gary and Florina, can't forget Sophie. It makes you really keep faith that the world has not gone to the dogs when you meet people like that. So coming though Santa Cruz (don't want to end on a downer but ...) thinking I am a little hurgry and saw a Subway sandwich place ( not as good as Gary's burrito ) can I make it home , back and forth in my mind while i am setting at the traffic light. Left turn into Subway. I get my usual (right Bernie) and just as I am paying a man come in yells out "dose anyone have a BMW motor cycle". I run out side and in his Over F_____ sided SUV he backed into my bike, the bike is on it side (have you ever try to pick one of those things up with all the camping gear on it). You know what the guy said, "your parked in a fire zone" not even sorry and it was barly in the fire zone.
Got the bike up, a few scrates and bumps, at least I was not on it. Went back in to TRY and enjoy my sandwich. Then a cop who was in the store, came up me to see if all was OK and he said "at least he came and got you, he could have done a runner" TRUE. Look on the lighter side just had a good weekend and he only broke the side case and a few bumps. Back on the bike with a full tummy ,trying not to think, why did i have to go in there. I was'nt that hurgry. Move on, as they say. Got home safely. Monady called Fred at and $100 later I have a new side case and I hope the guy pays for it.
So that is it,did not want to end on a downer but I hope you enjoyed, please let me know.
Cheers PB


  1. Hi maaaan!!
    Actually I don't like motorcycles (anyway, I don't even have the license to drive, maybe it's time to get one, ahah), but I definitely LOVE travels, so I'm a little jealous :P
    kidding of course, it's amazing seeing your photos, I've never been to places like those, you're a real lucky man (I know you know it, eheh)
    hope to get the chance someday to have a ride around the world (OUT OF EUROPE, PLEASE), but maybe I'm gonna have a flight, ahah ;)
    enjoy your rides, man :)

  2. ps. my favorite photo will always be the one with the horse ;) niiiceee