Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Touratech parts

Got the parts from Touratech USA. For the most part every thing worked out.

The Touratech Gearbox Reinforcement for the BMW R1100 GS .In the silver to match the BMW frame color. Matt over at Acme had to mill a little piece out as they don't work with the Hepco-Becker crash bars on the right side. You would think Germans and Germans would talk to each other???

The Touratech sump guard protects the central stand and the front silencer against damage from stones or other objects protruding from the ground when riding off-road. As the sump guard plate is tabbed upwards, it prevents sand and dirt from penetrating the space between the engine and the gearbox. Thus, it protects the crankshaft ring from dirt and increases its life considerably.

Be careful, I found the the weight of it has made the stand not go up and we may have to put a different spring on it.

The steering stop on the R1100GS can break during a heavy fall. It is a time-consuming and quite expensive job to replace the yoke. With a broken steering stop, the fuel tank can be damaged as well. And sometimes the frame is damaged at the point of steering stop contact. For those among you who don't want to worry about bike repairs after a heavy fall...

This I feel is worth all the money. It is cheap insurance. Another good item is the Oil cooler guard, as puncturing the oil cooler on your bike even a few miles away from home can be a major hassle and a major expense. Protect the oil cooler on your R1100GS with this sharp looking, laser-cut, Touratech aluminum oil cooler guard. Its design allows lots of air to flow onto the radiator but also protects it from branches, stones and other debris that might be kicked up and hit the front of the bike on road or off. Cheap insurance.

One last note. I had REALLY would never buy this item. The R1150GS stands much more firmly even on a soft surface with this kick stand support extension. If you park the motor bike in a meadow or other soft surface such as sand or hot asphalt, you don't have to look for a small stick or rock, or at least not on line. It did not fit and we had the modify it and let it still did not work. It's a great idea but for half the cost and it looks better I had Matt at Acme to just weld a nice piece of metal on the end of the stand. A shot of black spray paint and Bob's your uncle.

Just incase you don't have it here is there link


Hey and they sent me a Touratech decal. WOW what about a t shirt on all orders over $100, the t shirt cost $5 and think of the advertising.

Cheers PB

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