Wednesday, December 24, 2008


So we got back from a great holiday in Italy. I miss the 80 cent coffee, why do we need to pay $3 for a average coffee hear?. After the dust had settled and we unpacked, did 89 loads of washing (kidding) an looked though all the things were brought in Italy. Returned a million e mails and phone calls which Bernadette was nice enough to filter for me. I gave Barry a call. "Is the GS still for sale" Yes he said. That was it, I had been dreaming of this all though Italy, a little worried because now I have to go though with this. Wife gave me the green light and it had been boiling deep inside of me for ever. In a later blog I will tell you where the money came from and what the bike is called. Barry and I meet and it was done, the first time I rode it across the golden Gate bridge it must have been the most windy day ever and that thing is soooooo big, it kicked me around. Forgot I did not have my fast pass so got the ticket in the mail some time later.
At this point I should back up, because I forgot some thing that needs to be added. One person that helped me and got the spark relite is Jason a friend who lives next door to Fred, who is a friend and his girl goes to school with mine. But jason was perpairing an Air Head to go around the world and ever time I saw the bike I just got more and more in to it, again !!!.
Enjoyed for now and I will post some more stuff soon with photos.
Cheers PB

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