Tuesday, December 23, 2008

FIRST BLOG Dec 23 2008
My beautiful girl SZB just helped me set up this blog account which is going to be dedicated to my BMW 1995 GS 1100 motorcycle. The reason I wanted to do this was to keep a record of my events, travels and photos and to pass on all the adventures to who ever.

So it all started (one dark and cold night....JOKE) and I will keep it short in the beginning. When I was young I raced moto cross,started out on my Yamaha YZ 80 B, my hero was Bob Hannah, but age and time got the best of me and I was never the best. But one thing I always wanted to do was race in Adelaide Australia, where I am from, it was a 24 hours off road race. This was long before I new of the Paris Dakar which would be a dream to do. But sadly never got to do it. From there I always had the dream of riding around Australia and that never happened. You might start thinking I am a loser who never gets his goals done. Well you make up your own mind own that. Life went along and wife, kids, dogs, houses,business etc all great things, and the motorbike seemed to just be pushed off to the side.
I would always watch any form of motor cycle racing on TV and even go to racers when I could.
But still my life was fixing up old houses, taking care of kids and working. Back in 2001 my great wife brought me a 1965 RED Vespa (in perfect condition) for Xmas (she also had someone bring it over Xmas morning, something I always wanted (even the big Harley guys look at it and say COOL scooter). That got me though some hard no riding around the world times.
Some time in 2008 with friends over for dinner I told my wife my dreams and she said I should do it. She said plan it , work it out and see what happens. If you know me, give me an inch and I take a mile. So I started my plans. I was off, on the web looking for what bike, where to go etc. I new I had to start off slow, but the bike of my dreams and the bike most people got there leg over was the GS BMW. So I started looking and thinking what trips I would take.
So my dream was to ride around the world, but with two kids,wife, house and business that may be hard to pull off. But I kept looking for the bike, all over the country. WOW would i have to fly to Texas to get a bike, please no. Luck has it that I found a 95 GS 1100 in Marin Ca. The guy that listed the bike Barry seemed to have a good one. GS 1100 1995 with only 31,000 miles on the clock. My thoughts, who wiessd the clock, but no the bike was true. But hang on we were leaving for our family holiday to Italy and I did not want to deal with this days before leaving. I was also going though some other hard times in life and was not sure if this was the right move or not. Once I got the bike i had to do it, or something. I asked to Barry hold the bike till I get back from Italy and I will go from there. He is a nice guy and did it.Above are the first photos of the bike when I first went to look at it.
From here I will keep you up to date.

Which he did and the bike was everything I believe it to be. So here I am. To be honest off all the bikes I have ridden, this thing was a beast.... DAM BIG. So as they say I need baby steps. I need to do some day trips and then move on. At this point my first goal was from San Francisco to New York. But with a lot (hopefully) a lot of small trips in between. The no term goal has not been nailed down but I am working on it and that is what this blog is for.

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