Sunday, February 22, 2009

Old man PB...

Here are some old photos I just scanned in and want to share. The kid walking though the dirt pits is me circa 1975. My first out of state race meet. I did mange a third place. But more important, check the protective clothing back then. Two pair of jeans an old pair of army boots,couple of sweaters and an open face helmet from the 60's. Thank god for the AMA and some rules. I remember this track it was a ruff and stoney. It was in Victoria Australia and the race was called Moomba
Enjoy,pass on to others, let me know what you think.
And yes...Laugh all you want,we all have these photos with bad hair.
Cheers PB


  1. Todos temos essas memórias. Gozado: são ridículas e lindas ao mesmo tempo.
    Obrigado pelas visitas.
    Um grande abraço.