Sunday, May 17, 2009

SF 2 NY test run...

Fast friends

Flat tire DAM it

Coming through

Those GS's are HEAVY

With a week to go till I take off, thought I'd do a test run. One the check out the bike and try to do some big days (miles). And glad I did because hopefully I got some bad things out of the way. Got on the bike at 1PM and went as hard as I could to Elko NV. Got there at 9 PM at night. Was not up for camping so got a cheap hotel. That run felt looking but it was only 517 miles. Next day on the road at 9.30 after coffee back the same way. Got to Grass valley and was going to camp but the maps lied. A local told me a a site "just down the road". Next thing I am on the I 50 going to Sacarmento in the heat and traffic. Stopped at Davis, question... Go home or push ??? PUSH.
got on to 128 up to Napa on the winding roads over to the 101 and down to the 116. At this point it was getting dark...Home or camp ??? CAMP, pushed on to Bodega Bay and got there at 9 PM. That was almost 701 miles. Some nice people (Timco construction) from Glassier let me share there camp site. Not a bad nights sleep. Packed up and thought the back tire looked low on air,this is where to fun began,so I went in to check it while doing so the bike almost feel on my head. Put some air in and off I went up the beauiful Hwy 1. While riding the RID unit I had put in some timw ago (remember the story back a few about the electical bike fire) kept telling me that the oil temp was MAX. Tried to fix it while riding,thought I would try all the other buttons to see if they were working and when I pushed the horn, it went down to normal. Guess the load of the horn corrected it ???. Next I pull over as the bike was moving around alot ???, guess what I found, and they are not just for hanging sheet rock,yes a screw was making love with my back tire. Hot and pissed off, I had to fix it,3 tries later got it. After all that got up the one and over the redwoods, rode the bike thought the famous tree then pulled in to a store for some water as it was getting up to 100 degrees. Walked out and guess what, the GS is on it's side (fully loaded). Some nice local man helped me pick it up, just cosmetic stuff. Then home would to SF and the cool (cold air) over the Golden gate bridge. You know what they say what does not kill you make you stronger, well I am 2 1/2 days stronger.
Cheers PB