Tuesday, May 5, 2009

SF 2 NY...

Well people it is official my cross country trip is on. San Francisco to New York. Starting May 22
and back June 10. On my BMW GS 1100 motorcycle.

Via Bell Rd - remove
114 Lyon St
San Francisco, CA 94117
1.Head north on Lyon St toward Oak St
154 ft
2.Turn right at Oak St
1.0 mi
3.Turn right at Octavia St
0.2 mi
4.Take the ramp onto US-101 S
0.7 mi
5.Take the exit onto I-80 E toward Oakland
Partial toll road
81.4 mi
6.Take the exit onto I-80 E toward Reno
Passing through Nevada
Entering Utah
654 mi
7.Take exit 304 to merge onto I-80 E toward Cheyenne
Passing through Wyoming, Nebraska
Entering Iowa
1,053 mi
8.Continue on I-235 E (signs for W Des Moines/I-235/Des Moines)
14.0 mi
9.Take exit 137B for I-80/I-35 toward Kansas City/Council Bluffs
0.1 mi
10.Keep right at the fork, follow signs for Davenport/I-80 and merge onto I-80 E
Entering Illinois
179 mi
11.Take exit 14 to merge onto I-280 E/I-80 E toward Chicago
Continue to follow I-80 E
Partial toll road
Entering Indiana
169 mi
12.Take exit 16 to merge onto I-80 E/I-90 E
Continue to follow I-90 E
Partial toll road
Entering Ohio
307 mi
13.Take the I-90 exit toward Cleveland
0.2 mi
14.Keep left at the fork to continue toward I-90 E and merge onto I-90 E
Partial toll road
Passing through Pennsylvania
Entering New York
268 mi
15.Take exit 44 to merge onto NY-332/Rochester Rd/State Route 332 toward Canandaigua
Partial toll road
2.5 mi
16.Continue straight to stay on NY-332/Rochester Rd/State Route 332
0.5 mi
17.Slight left to stay on NY-332/Rochester Rd/State Route 332
Continue to follow NY-332
6.6 mi
18.Turn left at Eastern Blvd/NY-21/NY-5/US-20/Western Blvd
Continue to follow NY-5/US-20
3.3 mi
19.Turn right at NY-247/Reeds Corners Rd/State Route 247
Continue to follow NY-247
7.1 mi
20.Turn left at N Main St/NY-245/NY-247
Continue to follow NY-247
4.0 mi
21.Slight left at NY-364/State Route 364
2.5 mi
22.Turn right at Bell Rd
2.3 mi
23.Turn left at County Rte-29/Guyanoga Rd
0.9 mi
24.Turn right at NY-364/State Route 364
3.9 mi
25.Continue on North Ave
1.1 mi
26.Turn left at Clinton St/NY-54
Continue to follow NY-54
4.0 mi
27.Turn right at NY-14/State Route 14
Continue to follow NY-14
37.4 mi
28.Continue on Main St N/Watkins Rd
Continue to follow Main St N
2.0 mi
29.Turn left onto the NY-17/I-86 ramp
0.2 mi
30.Merge onto I-86 E
0.3 mi
31.Continue on NY-17 E/Southern Tier Expy E
Entering Pennsylvania
19.1 mi
32.Continue on Rte-17 E
Entering New York
28.3 mi
33.Continue on NY-17 E
11.7 mi
34.Merge onto I-81 S
Entering Pennsylvania
57.6 mi
35.Slight right at I-380 S
29.1 mi
36.Merge onto I-80 E
Entering New Jersey
85.9 mi
37.Continue on I-95 N
Partial toll road
Entering New York
5.0 mi
38.Take exit 2 for Harlem Riv Dr toward FDR Dr
0.7 mi
39.Continue straight
1.9 mi
40.Take exit 20 to merge onto Park Ave toward E 132 St
3.0 mi
41.Turn right at E 75th St
0.2 mi

5th Ave
New York, NY
Will keep you up to date
Cheers PB


  1. Good luck PB. Maybe I'll make the first leg with you.

  2. Dear me your butt is gonna be so sore...owee!

  3. Thanks guys, yes sore BUTT, yes JC come ride