Tuesday, June 16, 2009

NY 2 SF Day 1

Sorry just thought this was funny... Harry has pissed off someone

The shoe tree
This is how your BUTT feel after 10 hours
The loniest Hwy
Sadly leaving home

Starting OD
Best coffee in NV

Casino town hotels

Pimp my ride
wonder who named this town and why

Two things I want to let you know before we start this trip together. 1 the last page that I do will
be the summary page, given the high, lows, best and worst of the trip. So NOT miss that. 2 I am not going to bored you will pages and 1000's of words and writing, just straight to the point and hope the photo fill in the rest. That being said I left family and home with the speedo reading 37110.
The family gave be a nice neck warmer as a going away gift and I did not not how handy & helpful that would be. Made my way out of SF and my goal was to go as far as I could day 1. Out on the 80 though the arm pit (Reno) through Sparks in NV then on to the 50. The loneist road in America, and yes it was lonely. Meet some nice Harley people in Austin NV (nice little town) and stopped with them at the "shoe tree" where ever one throws a pair of shoes up in to the tree ( see photos). The wind kicked my ass going in to Ely and it was getting late. I wanted to camp, but some locals told me in was going to rain, so off to the hotel 7777. Bike ran weel day 1. No good food or coffee in Ely as it is a casino town. And FYI any town that ends at the loniest highway in the US, should be left alone. Sorry Ely.
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