Wednesday, June 17, 2009

NY 2 SF Day 2

My perfect camp site
Drying out boots

Friends from NY going to SF

WOW this is a lot of Deer
Cheap real estate
First sign of snow

New friends
Day 2.... Still no good coffee in these casino towns. Got on Hwy 21 heading to Denver. One of the smallest and cutest towns I hit was Baker NV. Once I was leaving NV it took me a while but all of a sudden there were no flashing neon lights. Oh yes... I am not in Las Vegas NV any more. Hit rain one the way to Beaver and all I could smell riding though Utah or as I prefer to call it "Coptar",so many police in Utah,back to the smell was fertilizer that they put on the crops. Barry had told me to ride Highway 14 to 89 and then 12 and even though it was riding I was glad I did it. Going up though the 14 was amazing. The start of Bryce canyon was breath taking. I was going to try and get to Moab, but it was getting late. I found the best free camp site, under a hugh red cliff and right on a river bed. I went to sleep to the sound of the river and woke up to the sound of rain on the tent.
Utah is beautiful and worth seeing.
Cheers PB


  1. Don't leave your boots outside, my son went camping, and his shoes went "walking" LOL

    I love the photos of those eroded cliffs. Those two pinnackles, I wonder how long they will remain.

  2. Ann, thanks did not leave them out just but them out in the morning and I ALWAYS put my socks over the opening of the boots so things can't get in over nite. Not sure how long they will be there, but you should visit

    Marko, Thanks, the canyon are AMAZING you should visit them