Thursday, June 18, 2009

NY 2 SF Day 3


I was running this storm

OK people here is the WTF of the trip. And I must say the cop in Coptar AKA Utar was cool
about it. I got pulled over doing 75 in a 50 zone. YES 50 WTF I can run faster and it is easy to dodge to bugs hitting your visor at 50 mph (that is no contest for the bugs). But here is my big WTF. You can not do 10mph over the speed limit put you can spread your brains down the road when you crash cause there is no helmet laws. Again WTF. And they call us crazy in California. Anyway the cop only wrote me up for doing 60mph so I did not need to go to court. Back to Utah it is beautiful Hey 24 and 95 were great and parts of it remind me of Australia.91 east in Moab was windy the rocks are rock if you were into rock climbing. Barry told me to go to Moab and when I got there again I was WTF, it was a run town red neck town. Got gas and put it behind me, but the ride out of Moab was azaming. So stunning, everyone should go there one. Got out of Coptar heading to Colorado. Pushed on to Delta and then to Montrose. On the way to Montrose I was riding right into a strom, it rained heavy and there was lighting. I guess no camping tonite. I was over budget on hotels already.
Question... hope someone can help. For all the farms I saw why do they all look like junk yards with a house in the middle. Can't they clean there front yards up a little and get rid of the 6 old rusting cars ??? Help me understand people.
Cheers PB


  1. Wonderful pictures. Did you happen to see any tornadoes? The jacket is great. I hope that you get to the Island at the end of your ride. The jacket should say "SF to LI.

  2. Thanks for you word, saw no twisters, Thank god, but t/row ride killed me.
    I'll give you a heads up
    1300 miles Denver to chicago the long way through WY, half in the rain. at 2am in the morning 400 miles out of chicago no head light and 200 out of chicago no face visor in the rain. left Denver at 4.50 am and got to chicago 4.05 am and the only stops were for fuel and peepee. Thanks jacket was cool and many people are giving me the thumbs up
    Please keep following and pass it on
    cheers PB